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"Innovation is the art of transforming creativity into function."

~R. Foster~


Quality Control

CenoStar supplies functional fillers, with global reach and world-class quality. We can deliver to your door - anywhere.

Each brings benefits and features that improve your products
        • Reduced weight
        • Sphericity (ball bearing effect for molding, troweling, etc.)
        • Sound attenuation
        • Thermal reflectivity
        • Strength (internal structure)

CenoStar's expertise can guide you on uses and solutions. Need a custom specification? Our direct buying and state-of-the-art quality control guarantees that when you buy from CenoStar, you are buying the best that industry has to offer.

cenosphere cenospheres

what is a  cenosphere?



What makes a concrete canoe float? 
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5 out of the top 10 finishers used CenoStar cenospheres in their canoes.


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